BSANZ – Make good care better

BSANZ – Make good care better

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Do you wish to explore how feelings and thoughts affect the doctor-patient relationship? Would you like to expand your capacity and repertoire for handling difficult clinical situations? If so, we invite you to consider becoming a member of the Balint Society (BSANZ) and joining one of the many Balint groups we facilitate.

The Society was founded over 12 ago by a group of health professionals, including general practitioners and psychiatrists, psychotherapists, and psychoanalytic psychotherapists who could see the many benefits of using the Balint approach to improving the therapeutic relationships between healing professionals and their clients/patients. This has been done for many years in many countries through the facilitation of Balint Groups.

A Balint group is a form of reflective practice, where a small group of clinicians meet regularly to confidentially discuss cases with a focus on the psychological aspects of their work and particularly on the doctor–patient relationship. These groups can stimulate a better understanding of patients previously experienced as difficult. With over 50 groups operating in Australia and New Zealand, the enormous benefits these unique groups offer to health professionals in a wide range of disciplines is well recognized.

Membership of the Balint Society offers many benefits, including the opportunity for collegiate activity and networking with like-minded individuals from a range of health disciplines. We offer ongoing support and services, including access to accredited supervisors, Leadership Accreditation and Leader Trainer Accreditation. Each year our Annual Residential Balint Group Workshop is fully subscribed. The Balint Society also lends its support to local workshops and introductory events.

If this interests you, why not consider joining the Balint Society, an organisation which supports and serves its members and offers a unique opportunity to make good care better. Visit our website for more information.