Evolution Healthcare announces construction partner for major Wakefield Hospital Redevelopment


Evolution Healthcare announces construction partner for major Wakefield Hospital Redevelopment

Evolution Healthcare
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Today, Evolution Healthcare announced Hawkins Ltd as the lead contractor for the second stage of the $160m redevelopment of Wakefield Hospital in Wellington.

Hawkins was appointed as the lead contractor to deliver the first stage of what will be a complete rebuild of Wakefield Hospital. The next stage of Evolutions vision for Wakefield has already commenced with demolition works currently underway.

Sue Channon, Chief Executive Officer of Evolution Healthcare, said "the stage one completion of Wakefield Hospital redevelopment has been a success with our specialists and staff moving into our superior health facilities in August 2021. We now look forward to continuing the development of stage 2 and bringing world class hospital facilities to the Wellington region.

"Collaboration with Hawkins for the first stage of Wakefield Hospital has seen our partnership grow in strength, and we have every confidence they will continue to build our premium hospital to the highest of standards."

Matt Taylor, Lower North Regional Manager said "The team are excited about the next stage of the development. Successfully delivering highly complex and sophisciated buildings is a challenge that excites the Hawkins team.”

"We are already starting to plan for the demolition of the old buildings to make way for the hospital facility development, which is being undertaken with minimal disruption to hospital operations."

Recently attending the Wakefield Specialist Centre grand opening, Aaron Hockey, Vital Healthcare Chief Executive Officer, said, "The partnership between Evolution and Vital grows from strength-to-strength. Seeing the incredibly modern Wakefield Specialist Centre creates a real sense of pride and excitement as we head toward the development of the hospital facilities with Evolution."

"Once completed, Wakefield Hospital will transform the patient experience for healthcare services in the Wellington region and provide our clinicans with a superior healthcare environment in which to provide care. We are also future-proofing our hospital with the addition of a shelled fifth level to provide for the availability of future services and increase our inpatient ward capacity," says Ms Channon.

The pre-emptive growth for Evolution's Wakefield Hospital also includes a seventh operating theatre and an increase in day surgery and endoscopy suites.

"This significant increase in scope from our original plans demonstrates our strong commitment to the Wellington region to provide key healthcare services," says Ms Channon.

Wakefield Hospital redevelopment is due for completion in 2024. Once completed, Wellingtonians will benefit from the safest private hospital in Wellington that is base isolated, right in the heart of Wellington.

"We are developing Wakefield with people in mind. Patients will benefit from a patient pathway designed to make their journey with us exceptional. Their stay on our ward will feel like a hotel stay with procedures undertaken in operating theatres with the latest technologies available," says Ms Channon.

At completion, Wakefield will have seven operating theatres, one cath lab with an additional shelled cath lab, 37-bed inpatient ward, recovery areas including ICU and HDU, day admissions, CSSD, and more.