Abandon the so-called normal BMI, being overweight ain’t so bad


Abandon the so-called normal BMI, being overweight ain’t so bad

Obesity Canada
Health professionals are being called on to provide care with compassion and not with judgement (Photo: Obesity Canada - Obésité Canada/Flickr)
“We cannot assume benefit in those with a BMI lower than 35 – we have never shown it in that group” Australian obesity expert John Dixon challeng


Being  fat  is  horrible  , I  can't  breathe,   tie my  shoes  ,   climb  hills  , my  hips  hurt,     my  ankles swell ,    I  can't  carry   lots  of fire wood up  steep    slopes ,   My   clothes  look    like  sacks  ,  I  snore ,  My  Kilt  is   too  tight  and  wont  do  up making  pas de bas  difficult .  the knees  have packed a sad  and  climbing  slopes  is  difficult .  (  A  Kilt  should  last  between   50  and  100  years    before  wearing  out  and  I'll be  damned  if  Im  going to  spend  1500  pounds  on  another  one  .!) 

Very large  people   are  difficult  to  examine physically, feel  organs, smears ,    DREs,    , lumps   ,   do  scans on   Examine  knees   and  hips  , operate on,   keep  breathing, take  Blood  pressures   hear  heart murmurs , feel  pulses,  find  joints. 

 Have I  forgotten  anything?

Good eating  habits  , exercise  .  smashing   plastic coated  pieces  of  talking  electronic  junk ,   climbing  stairs and  hills  should  all  be encouraged .


What an eye opener. It’s great to see someone challenging the status quo. The constructive approach to redefine the goals in a consultation will  help no end in building therapeutic relationships and a positive self image for those patients in the 25-35 bracket.