‘Disappointingly’ high rate of substandard care in pregnancy - study


‘Disappointingly’ high rate of substandard care in pregnancy - study

Pacific women are the most likely to be admitted to ICU or HDU for antenatal care
“We need strict protocols around basic care” Racial bias is suggested in a new study showing poor care is risking the lives of New Zealand women


I loved Obstetrics but the changes wrought by Aunty Helen mean women don’t present to primary care. They dont know they are pgt, they dont know the vaccines are free, they get 15mins for us Togo thru last pgcy, last delivery, Mums own pmhx, we need to stop them drinking, smoking, meth, mentionlisteria, downs, candida, nausea, iodine, folate, diabetes,downs triple test, delivery options, scans, find your midwife, and then they vanish. You must please not pick on primarycare and midwives asthis is institutionalised racism and many of his twist ourselves in knots trying to prevent stillbirth, cotdeath, fads, Ingrid, prem labour, eclampsia, flu. Try do thisin 15m. 

Spellcheck gave me Ingrid from IUGR... great! 

Lets do more GP bashing and forget that GPs have been largely excluded from maternity care for almost 20 years.

No amount of lobbying has resulted in any Government allowing NZ women funded access to their GP once they are registered with a LMC (unless the GP was their LMC, of whom I was one of the last to give up on this) as direct entry Midwives are, of course, equivalent to a GP according to some of them.

Also, there are many other more likely reasons (other than provider racism) for the ethnic differences identified. Correlation does not mean causation, Bev.

This paper provides no information on what antenatal care the women who suffered from severe maternal morbidity received. The Ministry of Health does not produce information on how many women deliver without having any antenatal care (4.9% are unknown..presumably this includes those who had none) and the hospital clinics do not report data on the trimester of registering. We have a system for ensuring that all babies are immunised but we do not even know how many women receive not antenatal care so there is no possibility of measuring if anything we do improves it.