Federation faces tricky balancing act on who’s in and who’s out


Federation faces tricky balancing act on who’s in and who’s out

Annette King NEW
It will be up to the new board to decide which organisations meet the federation’s criteria, says Dame Annette King
The future board of the new Federation of Primary Health Aotearoa New Zealand still has work to do to figure out how to accommodate groups w


As Benjamin Disraeli said to Queen Victoria: "Ma'am these are my principles - but if you don't like them I have others". Mrs King is a politician. GPNZ does not represent GPs. She knows this. She knows what PHOs are. She introduced them. This is entirely disingenuous. Can you tell us about the other principles please?


Just so that you know, Mrs King, professionalism is not about an occupation, it is about of placing the needs of others before your own. This is the fundamental principle of professional behaviour. Medicine and General Practice is a profession. It is also about society recognising the contribution and adequately recompensing those who engage in professional behaviour. Thanks to you and your creation (PHOs) General Practice is not adequately recompensed. At no point have PHOs endeavoured to make sure that is adequately recompensed. Quite the opposite, they have agreed to funding changes that have progressively devalued what General Practice does and hence who General Practitioners are. General Practice is not recognised for the contribution that it makes. You do not value us and by effectively excluding us you have clearly stated that you do not value us. Your words are meaningless when your actions demonstrate the opposite. General Practice delivers 93% of health contacts in NZ for 1.3% of Government Health funding. What do the organizations in your federation actually do side from advocate for themselves and their members? You do not represent Primary Care, you do not represent General Practice, you do not represent communities. You represent self-interest and are nothing more than a self-congratulatory organization.


Excellent comments Bryan!

I have no idea why the NZMA or at least the NZMA General Practitioner Council was not included, well yes I do, Annette King and this Government only want to listen to the henchmen PHOs whom they fund to carry out and self-congratulate their policies and have no wish to hear from actual GPs and certainly not any evidence based recommendations that don't fit whatever the current fashionable "new model of care" is.

I am really confused that GPs' private businesses are excluded because they are  labeled "for profit", just because we try to generate some fraction of the income other specialists enjoy, yet "nursing, pharmacy, midwifery, allied health, the ambulance sector" etc are not, although their health care workers expect to be paid well.  

In my opinion, until there is an invite to Kate Baddock or Lesley Clarke to join, this "Federation of Primary Health Aotearoa New Zealand" will remain a pointless or even dangerous organization that will oversee the demise of General Practice as a valued profession in New Zealand. 

So now we have a politician telling us that Pharmacists run their businesses not for profit? That is either hilariously misleading or hilariously inept, either way this is a tragic comedy... in a large part by PHO funding that should be going to my patients.

Oh FFS, Society for the Preservation of PHOs you have just given yourself an upper cut.

Tell me then, if my pharmacist father never made a profit, am I in for an IRD refund windfall for the millions he mistakingly must have payed in tax for all those decades running Orr’s Pharmacy? ( To expect compounding interest is hardly unreasonable ).

I would appreciate a reply please. ( Also could you ask the Optometrists why my last pair of glasses were $1200 it they should have been doing them for cost with no profit accrued ).

What an insulting joke.