Federation ready to stand for unity across primary care’s many voices


Federation ready to stand for unity across primary care’s many voices

Dame Annette King launches the Federation of Primary Health Aotearoa New Zealand, with establishment board member Donovan Clarke and health minister David Clark
I don’t believe we have had this level of commitment and unity in primary health care in my living memory  Primary care leaders have st, JACINDA ARDERN, STEVE CHADWICK, Prime minister Jacinda Ardern in the audience for Dame Annette King’s address, with the incoming chair of the federation, Steve Chadwick


Interesting to note that a group set up to represent the primary healthcare sector does not have a representative from the group delivering most of the primary care in NZ - privately owned GP practices.

If that is indeed the case it makes the new "Federation" a complete waste of time for coal face General Practice and more like an organisation set up to save PHOs from extinction. Surely that can't be true?!!!


Read it and weep people -

The Establishment Board is chaired by Dame Annette King and comprises:

  • Dr Harley Aish: Chair ProCare Health Ltd
  • Dr Angus Chambers: Chair Christchurch PHO
  • Donovan Clarke: CEO Manaia Health PHO
  • Andrew Gaudin: CEO Pharmacy Guild of New Zealand
  • Karen Guilliland: CEO New Zealand College of Midwives
  • David Harrison: Nursing Director East Health Trust PHO
  • Martin Hefford: CEO Compass Health
  • Susan Iversen: Member Health Care Aotearoa
  • Hugh Kininmonth: CEO Hauraki PHO
  • Jennifer Pelvin: Chair Allied Health Aotearoa New Zealand
  • Richard Townley: CEO Pharmaceutical Society of New Zealand
  • Mark Vela: CEO Total Healthcare Charitable Trust PHO
  • Teresa Wall: Chair Ora Toa PHO

While Dr Aish and Dr Chambers do part own medical practices (Dr Aish's appears to be a VLCA), this gives the impression they are on the board in their positions as Chairs of PHO's. 

Membership is currently only open to not for profit organisations - says it all really.

Actually Angus's Practice IS a PHO. Funny that. No disrespect to Angus who is both a gentleman and a scholar. The issue is that "core" General Practice is not represented. 

Primary Health Alliance chair Philip Grant says, in the article, that the federation is not about being a flashy, high-profile organisation. The context given by Mr Grant, at the time, was in terms of "corporate headquarters or infrastructure".

I regret the omission of those words in the original article, and have added them.

Mr Grant says, in a subsequent email, "we certainly expect the federation to be high profile in many other ways".

- Virginia McMillan 

I'm not sure exactly what that's supposed to mean. The make up of the federation certainly looks like it was formed by PHOs for PHOs. Just where is the representation from coal face General Practice? Perhaps the federation can outline how General Practice will be consulted and represented.