GPs unimpressed with medical cannabis proposal requiring ‘specialist’ sign off


GPs unimpressed with medical cannabis proposal requiring ‘specialist’ sign off

GPs are specialists in their own right and shouldn’t be barred from independently prescribing medicines containing THC, GPs say
Proposals governing how clinicians prescribe medicinal cannabis worry the NZMA, RNZCGP, a prominent addiction specialist GP and a manufacturer. On


It is an Act of Parliament - HPCA Act - that defines Vocationally Registered GPs as Specialists. The Medical Council adheres to the Act - the Ministry appears not to.


The Ministry of Health (including Dr Ashley Bloomfield), needs to understand that the MCNZ recognises Vocational Registration of GPs as the same specialist status as his Vocational Registration in Public Health Medicine....see  [7 April 2019]

In fact, until this "just a GP" for Vocational General Practice attitude is removed, General Practice will continue to be an unattractive option for medical graduates and New Zealand will continue to have an inefficient and costly health service because THEY (MoH and previous and current Ministers of Health) undervalue the pivotal and proven importance of a well resourced General Practice workforce with specialist recognition and rights.  This topic  is an example of where the "specialist" GP is the most appropriate specialist rather than either a hospital specialist or a narrow field partialist.