Making the most of masks


Making the most of masks

from the Public Health Expert blog
 Mask - Adam Nieścioruk on Unsplash
Updating the evidence on mask effectiveness [Image: Adam Nieścioruk on Unsplash]

Masks and vaccination have a central role in minimising the health and economic impact of COVID-19, regardless of the long-term strategy we use against the pandemic. These interventions depend on both good performance and high population coverage. Here we update evidence on mask effectiveness and make the case that mask use needs to be universal in all indoor environments at Alert Level 2, including workplaces, schools, and high risk settings such as gyms.

Dr Nitasha Rimar, Dr Lucy Telfar Barnard, Dr Amanda Kvalsvig, Lesley Gray, Prof Michael Baker*

The Public Health Expert is published by the University of Otago

As New Zealand’s outbreak of the COVID-19 Delta variant continues, and the public becomes eager to move out of lockdown, the need to prevent new outbr
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