Peter Crampton seen as primary care champion on health review panel


Peter Crampton seen as primary care champion on health review panel

Honorary fellow: Peter Crampton has been an associate in practice of the college since 1990. He started his professional life as a GP at the Porirua Union and Community Health Service, and later specialised in public health medicine.  Professor Crampton’s contributions to general practice as the pro-vice-chancellor of the Division of Health Sciences, and dean of the Otago Medical School have been immense.  He has served on numerous government advisory panels related to public health & health services...
Dean of Dunedin Medical School, Peter Crampton says its an “immense privilege” to be on the expert panel for the health sector review
"People will have different reactions to the composition of the panel" Dean of Dunedin Medical School Peter Crampton says being on the expert pan


Win Bennett was a GP in Whangarei around 25 years ago. He has been a GP Liason for the last 5+ years in Northland DHB and his wife has delved deep into local General Practice with the PHO. It would be fair to say Win has some GP background.

There is  a big difference  between  own your own  general practice  , pay  all  the  bills , locum fees and   manage the  business getting  what  is  left over at the end as  pay   and  working as   a  salaried  employee being    , all  care and  little  responsibility   with  the  ability  to give  notice  and walk out   with  no  financial   or  other consequences and  take  holidays   when and  how they  please .

Yes Bill, this is exactly why the previous Minister of Health, despite a history of being employed in General Practice, had no apparent understanding of the unsustainable current state of General Practice and why General Practice is not a desirable option for Medical Graduates - he never had to run his own GP practice, jump through all the legal and bureaucratic hoops and then earn less than a nurse.  

Where are the terms of reference  and the  time table    / schedule / contact details  for  this  group ?

Meanwhile    ..... a little GP  waits.

Why did the Ministry not want a representative from the group that provides 93% of all health care contacts in a day? I guess that number isn't significant.

No, Tim, they wanted (another) group that would tell them what they wanted to hear (and not tell them what they didn't want to hear)

So true.  Real GPs are virtually never consulted and almost every health report in the last 16 years either fails to mention General Practice or lumps us in with other "Health Practitioners" such as Osteopaths, Nurses and Paramedics.  For some reason not valuing GPs has become the NZ political approach, driven by pernicious management theories and a weird belief that an MBA outclasses the MBChB and even FRNZCGP for making clinical and other health decisions for our patients' care.    

Keith, have the Government developed a loathing or distrust of us? What has gone on behind closed doors over the last ten years? Just who does actually represent us? As Steve Hansen says - Flush the dunny and move on - Hell we desperately need an ASMS. 

I don't think it is this or the previous Government that loath or distrust us (although I can't say that for the one before who set up capitation and the VLCA system).  I asked Simon Bridges a question on his trip around the country as "one of those undervalued few remaining rural GPs" and he thanked GPs for their hard work.  David Clark also thanked GPs at recent conferences.  So it must be the Ministry advisors to ministers who are anti-GP and believe we charge too much.  The particular PA who said this to my Practice Manager must not have had a pet she has taken to the vet recently or had a dental visit.  I agree we do need better representation but then the Ministry don't even ask the NZMA about issues, I'm sure Kate would be able to enlighten them.

So this is the make up of the review group our beloved College rapidly "welcomed" when it was announced. With due respect, Win hasn't been a GP for over 25 years and Peter is a VLCA centric academic. There is absolutely no representation of coal face General Practice here. No wonder the College is ecstatic, this looks to continue the gross inequity that is VLCA and continue screwing over those naughty Access practices for speaking out. We can't have the competitive advantage of being a VLCA Practice or empire threatened could we?! 

This is a disaster for the sector and completely and utterly ignores the fact that the vast majority of General Practices are desperately struggling small businesses. The time has come for the sector to start some form of national action. We can't wait until 2021 for this review of anything but General Practice.