Rural SLATs: Slicing up the rural funding pie

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Rural SLATs: Slicing up the rural funding pie

Fruit pie
Deciding on how to slice the pie has proved difficult for some
Rural areas have been grappling with health funding distribution for years. In 2013, the Ministry of Health announced it was scrapping multiple fundin, pie


Your interesting note on Canterbury is inaccurate.

Having been a member of the Canterbury Rural Funding group, I believe I can speak about the situation with authority.

It is technically correct to say there is no Rural SLAT in Canterbury because Canterbury has a functioning alliance (Canterbury Clinical Network). There was/is not a need for a separate Rural SLAT, as there was already a Rural Workstream which had overall responsibility. There was a working group who rapidly achieved the goals of distributing the rural funds by 2014. There was a 75% consensus of the practices for the initial funding formula.

There has been a desire by some/most practices to change the distribution formula but a 75% agreement as to a new formula has not been achieved.

Suggest you contact the CCN and get the facts.

Dr Gayle O'Duffy