Here comes Summer Hiatus

+Summer Hiatus

Here comes Summer Hiatus

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Mā te wā from the New Zealand Doctor team until next year [Image: Lina Shatalova iStock]

What a year it has been. The coronavirus pandemic has changed ways of working and living for all of us and it continues to shadow our days. But summer is here with a bit of time for relaxation and reflection. We hope you enjoy our Summer Hiatus

A message from us

We're out of the office. It's our traditional summer closure when, as most news makers and news readers take a break, it seems sensible that we reporters join them.

This year, however, it is strange to be stepping back for even a short time from what is essentially the biggest health news story so far this century – the COVID-19 pandemic.

But we've left you with a tremendous Summer Edition newspaper, full of great news features and education.

And here online is our Summer Hiatus. An eclectic selection of News, Opinion and Educate articles from our archives and other sources.

And thanks to our freshly minted FREE READ function all Summer Hiatus articles will be in front of the paywall.

I like to think of it as Free and Easy – Free to Read and Easy to Share.

It has been an extraordinary year. We wish all our subscribers a very Merry Christmas, a safe summer break should you be taking one and, most of all, the quietest of times should you find yourself working over the holiday season.

We know 2022 will hold new challenges and we will continue to support primary care through those challenges. We’ll be back in the office and online on 17 January, 2022. Thanks for reading us.

We really, truly, appreciate your support.

Barbara Fountain and the team at New Zealand Doctor Rata Aotearoa

But wait, there's more

This summer you can take a cruise - around our website. There is plenty to explore.

You can check out issues of years gone by in the Long-Term Print Archives, provided by the folks at The Knowledge Basket. You’ll find them in the Vault.

Our podcast archive contains all 16 episodes of System Fix - the podcast for health reform junkies which takes a look at progress with the current health reforms

In the spotlight provides links to our cover stories throughout the year.

And then there's the virus

COVID-19 has been our constant companion this year and will continue to shadow us over the summer.

For a little reminder of the "journey" to date, here is our Coronavirus timeline - maintained throughout the last two years by Martin Johnston

For everything that has been written about the virus check out this COVID-19 tag hub page

Free classifieds and subscriptions 

While we are out you will still be able to access our Free Classifieds service.

If you’re looking to add a subscription to your practice or know of a GPEP registrar who has not picked up their free subscription, please go to our subscription page.

Time for Educate

Take a good break this summer but if you find yourself hankering for some extra learning, we'ver revamped our education offering.

All our Practice and How to Treat articles are now available in Educate. and we have a new index which makes it easier for you to browse the topics.

We have added a selection of Practice articles to Summer Hiatus which means you can share them with colleagues.

And dip into He Ako Hiringa – it’s education aimed at reducing inequity in access to medicines and it is produced by Matui – a joint venture involving New Zealand Doctor's publisher, The Health Media.

And don’t forget our PEARLS and Gems. These little nuggets are quick and easy clinical updates which are intended as practice-changing or practice-maintaining. 

Comments close 

From today the Comments function on the website will be turned off until Monday 17 January. But if you have to get something off your chest don’t hesitate to write a letter to the editor –

We’ll be back 

We resume our website news and Daily Triage newsletter on 17 January 2022, and the first print edition will be published on 2 February.

See you on 17 January

That’s all for 2021. Thanks for reading us and even more, thanks for subscribing to us. The team here at New Zealand Doctor Rata Aotearoa truly appreciate your support.