Dental Association receive international award for ‘water only’ Kiwi schools


Dental Association receive international award for ‘water only’ Kiwi schools

Media release from the New Zealand Dental Association

The New Zealand Dental Association (NZDA) has received global recognition from Geneva-based FDI World Dental Federation for a project promoting ‘water only’ schools.

The FDI Smile Award comes with a grant of 5000 Swiss Francs (NZ$7164) in recognition of ‘Adopt a School’.

Adopt a School sees dentists partner with schools in their communities to promote the benefits of children switching to water, and avoiding oral health issues that come with sugary drinks.

NZDA CEO Dr David Crum says the award acknowledges that New Zealand dentists are making a difference in their community.

“NZDA developed resources to encourage members to adopt their local school, we supplied toolkits to use as a guide to help schools become water only.”

Dr Crum says to become ‘water only’ schools are required to ensure staff are committed to model, and promote healthy drinking habits, and provide accessible drinking water at schools.

“Dentists partner with their local schools, pushing the message that water and low fat plain milk are the best options for dental health.

Along with school boards and teachers they encourage students not bring sugary drinks to school,” said Dr Crum.

The award winners will be presented at the 2018 World Dental Congress in Buenos Aires.