DHB CEs scuttle progress made in bargaining with NZRDA


DHB CEs scuttle progress made in bargaining with NZRDA

Media release from the New Zealand Resident Doctors’ Association

The New Zealand Resident Doctors’ Association (NZRDA) and the DHBs returned to mediation yesterday. At the bargaining table, the DHBs presented a mandate from their CEs to destroy the progress made in recent days of mediated bargaining.

“NZRDA had offered to meet the DHBs halfway by allowing for an independent review system to be included in the MECA that could overide NZRDA agreement. The DHB CEs however insist they should be able to ignore the status quo, ignore any independent review, and ultimately do whatever they want,” says David Munro Senior Advocate for NZRDA.

“Despite a huge concession on our part even this significant olive-branch was completely rejected by the DHB CEs,” he continues. “The DHB CEs have chosen to intensify this dispute. They are wasting public money and putting patients, doctors and all other hospital staff to the huge disruption this casues, all because they want their way, or the highway. The question that now remains is why is the Minister of Health allowing this to continue?”

Yesterday’s mediation follows four effective strikes over the past two months, and the NZRDA will now be balloting on further strike action in upcoming weeks.